There are many properties that the Nickel Alloy 201 Round Bars is having and that have made it extremely appreciable all over the global market. It is corrosion, oxidation, pitting, abrasion, erosion, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion resistance and this is making it good for all uses. This oxide coating on the Nickel Material contributes for the alloys excellent performance with regards to its resistance to corrosion in caustic environments. Rate of corrosion for the Alloy 201 round Bar in both marine and rural atmospheres tend to be very mild. The resistance of Pure Nickel 201 Bar to corrosion by distilled water as well as ground water is excellent.

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However in the existence of stagnant or very low-velocity sea water, there may be an incidence of extreme local assault on the Nickel 201 Round Bar, which in turn are a result of fouling organisms or other deposits. In hot water systems, Alloy 201 Polished Bar is exposed to steam, which contains carbon dioxide and air in some amounts. The rate of oxidation will initially be elevated but it will decrease with flow of time, if conditions favor the development of the oxide layer film on the surface of nickel 201 welding rod.

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