The nickel alloy 200 is the perfect choice for durable bar construction. These Alloy 200 Round Bars have strong shear and tension strength and is opposed to fatigue and flaring. This favoured for heating applications with a higher protection factor because of the excellent thermal stability. Nickel 200 bars are built using specialized machines and it is heat treated to achieve optimum power. Merely surface finishes its dimensional precision and eliminates chips made of metal. It is used to produce a strong satin coating and bright black polish which prevents rusting.

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These Nickel Alloy 200 Bars get increased corrosion resistance even at high temperatures thanks to the heat treatment cycle. There are some normal tests which are conducted on these Nickel 200 bars that includes positive material test, IGC test, pitting corrosion test, chemical/ spectral tests, dimensional analysis and visual inspection.

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