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Various Benefits of SS 310 Pipes

What are Stainless Steel 310 Pipes?

Stainless Steel 310 Pipe is a chromium-nickel alloy with the same strength as 304-grade pipes but greater corrosion and oxidation resistance. The minimal composition of the substance is carbon, manganese, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur, 25% chromium, and 20% nickel. Welded and SS 310S Seamless Pipes are utilized in many industrial applications.

Grade 310 stainless steel is a medium carbon austenitic stainless steel designed for high-temperature applications such as furnace components and heat treatment equipment. It can withstand continuous temperatures of up to 1150°C and intermittent temperatures of up to 1035°C. This grade is oxidation, sulfidation, and carburization resistant.

ASTM A312 and A358 standards are available for the material. The dimensions are determined by ASTM, ASME, and API standards. The nominal bore diameters of the Seamless Pipes range from 12 to 16 inches.

The Stainless Steel 310 Seamless Pipe is made from a single billet of the material and is utilized in precise applications that need precise specifications. Welded pipes range in size from 12 to 24 inches, whereas electric fusion welded pipes range in size from 6 to 100 inches. The pipes are available in single random, double random, and custom lengths.

ASTM A312 TP310 ERW Pipe is also available in round, square, rectangular, and hydraulic shapes. Seamless, welded, electric fusion welded, and electric resistance welded pipes are available. Each of them has its own set of manufacturing techniques.

What are the Benefits of SS 310 Pipes

The major benefit of SS Grade 310 is that they are highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion which makes them perfectly suitable for various applications. These SS 310 pipes are popularly used in industries like construction, food industry, petrochemical industry, crude oil industry, chemical industry, paper industry, and many others. Exceptional ductility, durability, high tensile strength, outstanding toughness, strong tensile strength, stability at high temperatures, and great weldability are some of the features found in these pipes.

Stainless Steel 310 pipes feature a seamless finish and attributes such as dimensional accuracy, stability, cryogenic strength, sulfidation resistance, magnetic property, ductility, and so forth. SS 310 pipes are extremely advantageous and beneficial for several industries. Overall, these Stainless Steel Pipes are a grab for industries that require great corrosion resistance and stability at high-temperature ranges.