Rajendra Piping & Fittings is considered to include the Alloy Steel Welding Neck Flanges one of the highest standard. The standard of all our goods is assured because we carry out rigorous sets of quality checks for all our goods before distribution. Some of the tests that our Welding Neck Flanges undergoes are Mechanical Testing Such as Tensile of Area, Flattening Test, Positive Material Identification – PMI Testing, Chemical Analysis – Spectra Analysis, Pitting Resistance Test, Inter-granular Corrosion (IGC) Test, etc.

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Welding Neck Flanges can be easily identified in the long tapered neck, which slowly passes from a pipe or fitting to the wall thickness. The long tapered hub offers critical shielding for use in various applications involving high pressure, sub-zero and/or elevated temperatures. The taper is extremely advantageous for the smooth transition from flange thickness to pipe or suitable wall thickness, under conditions of frequent bending, induced by line expansion or other variable forces.

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