Our Nickel 200 ASTM B564 UNS N02200 flanges consist of 99.99 min nickel and cobalt and 0.02 max carbon, 0.35 max manganese, 0.35 max silicon, 0.010 max sulphur, 0.40 max iron and 0.25 max copper. The maximum size varies from 1/2" NB to 48" NB for these flanges. Our 99.98 percent high purity nickel strip provides significant advantages in the manufacture of rechargeable batteries, such as highest conductivity nickel, consistent control of chemistry, regular and custom sizes & tempers.

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Our ASME SB564 UNS N02200 flanges have versatile features such as corrosion resistant, precise dimensions, high pressure & temperature load can be maintained, rust-proof finish, smooth transition from flange thickness to tubing, excellent distribution of stress assured. They find their applications in industries like paper and pulp, High Pressure Applications, Oil and Gas Industry, Chemical Refinery, Pipeline, High Temperature Application, Water Pipe Line, Nuclear Power Plants, Dairy Industries, and Food Processing.

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