The Incoloy 800H Fasteners are made up of a nickel-chrome alloy with high strength, rendering it common in many industries. inconel 800h anchors have a high tolerance to degradation and temperature. The chemical equilibrium renders the nickel steel alloy highly resistant to carburization, oxidation, and nitride atmospheres.

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incoloy 1.4876 nuts often do not get brittle in the 1200-1600 ° F range despite long usage periods, where much stainless steel becomes brittle. The Incoloy 800 Fasteners display outstanding cold-forming properties typically associated with nickel-chrome alloys. The nickel quality allows the Fasteners to be highly immune to chloride stress-corrosion cracking and precipitation in the sigma process. The total corrosion resistance is exceptional. The Incoloy 800H Fasteners demonstrate superior creep and tension split properties in annealed solution shape.

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