Copper nickel flanges find many applications in marine, offshore, and industrial piping systems. They are commonly used in seawater cooling systems, firewater systems, crude oil transmission, and LNG tanks. Copper nickel flanges are also ideal for applications requiring chlorine resistance, biofouling, and stress corrosion cracking. Due to their excellent resistance to erosion and corrosion, copper-nickel flanges are popular in harsh environments such as chemical plants, refineries, and water treatment facilities.

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Copper nickel flanges offer numerous benefits over other materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, or titanium. Firstly, copper-nickel flanges resist corrosion, biofouling, and erosion. They are, therefore, suitable for seawater applications where other materials would fail. Secondly, copper-nickel flanges have low magnetic permeability, making them ideal for use in magnetic fields. Thirdly, copper-nickel is highly malleable and can withstand high strains without cracking or breaking. Copper-nickel flanges have good weldability, simplifying installation and reducing labor costs.

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