The ASTM A182 Gr 321H Socketweld Fittings are designed to provide better efficiency even at low temperatures, and at high temperatures. Such coils will carry temperatures of as high as 870 ° C. The ASTM A182 Gr F321 Socketweld Fittings offer excellent properties in manufacturing and machinability. At Rajendra Piping & Fittings, we are revered to offer the highest quality items that meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, we are undertaking extreme quality checks for our goods.

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The ASTM A182 Gr 321H Socketweld Fittings are well suited to hardening by cold working. For the ASTM A182 Gr 321H Socketweld Fittings, which is at least five times the carbon content, the component level of carbon can be shown by the sum of titanium content. These fittings have strong weldability properties and usually no need for post-welded annealing.

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