ASME SA672 / ASTM A672 L70 CL12 22 32 PIPE

ASTM A672 Grade L70 EFW Pipes, ASME SA672 L70 EFW PIPES

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ASTM A672 L70 Carbon Steel EFW Pipe

ASTM A672 L70 Carbon Steel EFW Pipe supplier in India

ASTM A672 L70 Carbon Steel EFW Pipe

ASTM A672 L70 welded Pipe/ ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipe in ready stock

ASTM A672 L70 welded Pipe

ASTM A672 L70 (Standard Specification for Electric-Fusion-Welded Steel Pipe for Atmospheric and Lower Temperatures)

A672 L70 specification covers standard requirements for electric-fusion-welded steel pipe with filler metal added, for atmospheric and lower temperatures. The steel pipe shall be fabricated from a pressure vessel quality plate of several analysis and strength levels. Several grades and classes of pipe shall be provided. Grade shall designate the type of plate used while class shall designate the type of heat treatment performed during pipe manufacture. Class shall be designated as to whether the weld is radio graphically examined, and as to whether the pipe is pressure tested. Steel samples shall undergo tension and transverse guided weld bend tests and conform to the specified mechanical requirements.

Carbon Steel A672 L70 – Characteristics

  • Low-temperature services
  • Excellent strength and ductility
  • Better weldability and greater toughness
  • Higher strength with low coefficients of thermal conductivity than alloy steels.

carbon steel astm a672 L70 EFW PIPEs range

ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Specification
ASTM A671 / ASTM A672 / ASME SA671 / ASME SA672
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Grades
ASME SA671 / ASTM A671 GRADE CA55, CB60, CB65, VB70, VV60, VV65, VV70, CD70, CD80, CE55, CE60, CF65, CF70, CF66, CF71, CG100, CH100, CJ101, CJ102, CJ103, CJ104, CJ105, CJ106, CJ107, CJ108, CJ109, CJ110, CJ111, CJ112, CJ113, CK75, CP65, CP75ASME SA672 / ASTM A672 GRADE A45, A50, A55, B55, B60, B65, B70, C55,C60, C65, C70, D70, D80, E55, E60, H75, H80, J80, J90, J100, K75, K85, L65, L70, L75, N75
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Type
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Class Designation
CLASS 10, ,11, 12, 13, 20, 21, 22, 23, 30, 31, 32, 33, 40, 41, 42
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Outer Diameter Size
16″ NB To 100″ NB (Nominal Bore Size)
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Wall Thickness
Schedule 20 To Schedule XXS (Heavier On Request) Up to 250 mm Thickness
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Length
5 To 7 Meters, 09 To 13 Meters, Single Random Length, Double Random Length And Customize Size.
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Ends
Plain Ends / Beveled Ends / Coupling
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Delivery Conditions
As Rolled, Normalizing Rolled, Thermomechanical Rolled / Formed, Normalizing Formed, Normalized and Tempered / Quenched and Tempered – BR / N / Q /T
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Coating
Epoxy Coating / Colour Paint Coating / 3LPE Coating.
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Other Testing
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Dimension
All Pipes Is Manufactured and Inspected / Tested to the Relevant standards including ASTM, ASME, API.
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Value Added Services
Draw / Expansion / Machining / Sand Blasting / Shot Blasting / Galavanizing / Heat Treatment
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipess Packaging
Loose / Bundle / Wooden Pallet / Wooden Box / Plastic Cloth Wraps / Plastic End Caps / Beveled Protector
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Shipment & Transportation
By Road – Truck / Train, By Sea – Break-bulk Conventional Vessel / FCL (Full Container Load) / LCL (Less Container Load) / 20 Feet Container / 40 Feet Container / 45 Feet Container / High Cube Container / Open Top Container, By Air – Freighter Civil Passenger and Cargo Planes
ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Material Test Certificate
Manufacturer Test Certificate As Per EN10204 3.1, 3.2 / Laboratory Test Certificate From NABL Approved Lab. / Under Third Party Inspection Agency Like SGS, TUV, DNV, LLOYDS, ABS ETC

Supplementary Requirements

S1. Tension and Bend Tests
S2. Charpy V-Notch Test (As per A20/20M)
S3. Hardness Test
S4. Product Analysis
S5. Metallography
S6. Magnetic Particle Examination of Base Metal
S7. Magnetic Particle Examination of Weld Metal
S8. Liquid Penetrant Examination of Base Metal
S9. Liquid Penetrant Examination of Weld Metal
S10. Staight Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Flat Plate – UT 1
S11. Staight Beam Ultrasonic Examination of Flat Plate – UT 2
S12. Angle Beam Ultrasonic Examination (Plate Less than 2 in. [50mm] Thick) – UT 3
S13. Repair Welding
S14. Description of Term

ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Class Designation

ClassHeat Treatment on PipeRadiography, see SectionPressure Test, see:
A672 Pipe Class 10nonenonenone
A672 Pipe Class 11none9none
A672 Pipe Class 12none98.3
A672 Pipe Class 13nonenone8.3
A672 Pipe Class 20stress relieved, see 5.3.1nonenone
A672 Pipe Class 21stress relieved, see 5.3.19none
A672 Pipe Class 22stress relieved, see
A672 Pipe Class 23stress relieved, see 5.3.1none8.3
A672 Pipe Class 30normalized, see 5.3.2nonenone
A672 Pipe Class 31normalized, see 5.3.29none
A672 Pipe Class 32normalized, see
A672 Pipe Class 33normalized, see 5.3.2none8.3
A672 Pipe Class 40normalized and tempered, see 5.3.3nonenone
A672 Pipe Class 41normalized and tempered, see 5.3.39none
A672 Pipe Class 42normalized and tempered, see 5.3.398.3
A672 Pipe Class 43normalized and tempered, see 5.3.3none8.3
A672 Pipe Class 50normalized and tempered, see 5.3.3nonenone
A672 Pipe Class 51quenched and tempered, see 5.3.49none
A672 Pipe Class 52quenched and tempered, see 5.3.498.3
A672 Pipe Class 53quenched and tempered, see 5.3.4none8.3

ASTM A672 L70 EFW Pipes Plate Specification

Pipe GradeType of SteelASTM Specification
ASTM A672 Grade A45 Pipeplain carbonA285 / A285MA
ASTM A672 Grade A50 Pipeplain carbonA285 / A285MB
ASTM A672 Grade A55 Pipeplain carbonA285 / A285MC
ASTM A672 Grade B55 Pipeplain carbon, killedA515 / A515M55
ASTM A672 Grade B60 Pipeplain carbon, killedA515 / A515M60
ASTM A672 Grade B65 Pipeplain carbon, killedA515 / A515M65
ASTM A672 Grade B70 Pipeplain carbon, killedA515 / A515M70
ASTM A672 Grade C55 Pipeplain carbon, killed, fine grainA516 / A516M55
ASTM A672 Grade C60 Pipeplain carbon, killed, fine grainA516 / A516M60
ASTM A672 Grade C65 Pipeplain carbon, killed, fine grainA516 / A516M65
ASTM A672 Grade C70 Pipeplain carbon, killed, fine grainA516 / A516M70
ASTM A672 Grade D70 Pipemanganese-silicon-normalizedA537 / A537M1
ASTM A672 Grade D80 Pipemanganese-silicon-Q&TA537 / A537M2
ASTM A672 Grade E55 Pipeplain carbonA442 / A442M55
ASTM A672 Grade E60 Pipeplain carbonA442 / A442M60
ASTM A672 Grade H75 Pipemanganese-molybdenum-normalizedA302 / A302MA
ASTM A672 Grade H80 Pipemanganese-molybdenum-normalizedA302 / A302MB, C or D
ASTM A672 Grade J80 Pipemanganese-molybdenum-Q&TA533 / A533MCI-1
ASTM A672 Grade J90 Pipemanganese-molybdenum-Q&TA533 / A533MCI-2
ASTM A672 Grade J100 Pipemanganese-molybdenum-Q&TA533 / A533MCI-3
ASTM A672 Grade K75 Pipechromium-manganese-siliconA202 / A202MA
ASTM A672 Grade K85 Pipechromium-manganese-siliconA202 / A202MB
ASTM A672 Grade L65 PipemolybdenumA204 / A204MA
ASTM A672 Grade L70 PipemolybdenumA204 / A204MB
ASTM A672 Grade L75 PipemolybdenumA204 / A204MC
ASTM A672 Grade N75 Pipemanganese-siliconA299 / A299M..


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